Basic Theory of DC to AC Inverters

This document explains about Basic Theory of DC to AC Inverters. Title: “The ABC’s of DC to AC Inverters”, arranged “by Electronic’s Department of Northen Alberta Institure of Technology.

Basic Theory of DC to AC Inverters

This document will show you the basic theory of DC to AC inverters, about the circuit’s works, the calculation to build DC to AC inverter and more. The sample of inverter circuit diagram also included in this document.


Transistor dc to ac inverters are useful in a wide variety of applications. They power the complicated electronic systems of orbiting satellites and cool astronaut’s suits. They are widely used to operate gyros and other airborne instruments. They provide AC power to operate the electric shaver in your car. Inverters may become increasingly important and widely used with the further development of economic low voltage DC power sources such as solar cells, nuclear cells, fuel cells, etc.

It should be noted that rectifications of the inverter output results in DC to DC convertion. Transistor inverters as described here in are, therefore, the “heart” of transistor DC to DC converters. However, when used as converter, to provide rectified output the frequency and waveshape of the transistor circuit are unimportant, except as they relate to the efficienty and smoothing of the rectified output.

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