0-30V Stabilized Variable Power Supply with Current Control

0-30VDC variable power supply circuit

This is high quality 0-30v stabilized variable power supply circuit diagram. You will able to adjust the output voltage from 0 volt up to 30 volt DC. You also able to adjust the current output value from 0.002 A to 3 A. This variable power supply incorporates an electronic output current limiter that effectively controls the output current from a few mA (2 mA) to the maximum output of 3 A that the circuit can produce.

Component list:

R1 = 2,2 KOhm 1W
R2 = 82 Ohm 1/4W
R3 = 220 Ohm 1/4W
R4 = 4,7 KOhm 1/4W
R5, R6, R13, R20, R21 = 10 KOhm 1/4W
R7 = 0,47 Ohm 5W
R8, R11 = 27 KOhm 1/4W
R9, R19 = 2,2 KOhm 1/4W
R10 = 270 KOhm 1/4W
R12, R18 = 56KOhm 1/4W
R14 = 1,5 KOhm 1/4W
R15, R16 = 1 KOhm 1/4W
R17 = 33 Ohm 1/4W
R22 = 3,9 KOhm 1/4W
RV1 = 100K trimmer
P1, P2 = 10KOhm linear pontesiometer
C1 = 3300 uF/50V electrolytic
C2, C3 = 47uF/50V electrolytic
C4 = 100nF polyester
C5 = 200nF polyester
C6 = 100pF ceramic
C7 = 10uF/50V electrolytic
C8 = 330pF ceramic
C9 = 100pF ceramic
D1, D2, D3, D4 = 1N5402,3,4 diode 2A – RAX GI837U
D5, D6 = 1N4148
D7, D8 = 5,6V Zener
D9, D10 = 1N4148
D11 = 1N4001 diode 1A
Q1 = BC548, NPN transistor or BC547
Q2 = 2N2219 NPN transistor
Q3 = BC557, PNP transistor or BC327
Q4 = 2N3055 NPN power transistor
U1, U2, U3 = TL081, operational amplifier
D12 = LED diode

0-30V Stabilized Variable Power Supply bottom PCB layout
Bottom PCB Layout
0-30V Stabilized Variable Power Supply top PCB
Component Placement
0-30V Stabilized Variable Power Supply Connection
Wiring Connection

Detail explanation 0-30V stabilized variable power supply circuit, visit this page

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    Im looking for a good detail explanation of how his circuit works if some could provides his it would be very much appreciated.
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  2. Sir , can you send me a Electronic diagram of PCB of AutomaticA.C supply stabilizer
    Output power : 32KVA – 1650 KVA Curren rating : 50A – 2500A
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  3. Please send me the connection on the PMLCDL current side of the 0 ? 30 V variable power supply this will me a lot THANHS PIETER

  4. sir,please send me the circuit diagram of dc voltage regulator in range of voltage 30-50 volts

  5. SIR pleas send me circuit diagarm of variable voltage suupplier ranging from 1.2 to 37v(LM317) asap………….

  6. please can you send me the wiring diagram of a 0 – 30 V variable power supply including the block diagram

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    Thank you
    Abdul Majeed

  8. sir pls help me n send me the applications of d stabilised power supply with voltage and current display. also help me andastand the use of the component called ‘transport’ in that design.

  9. i would like to request a schematic diagram of wireless variable regulated power supply;;;tnx

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