This is 1.5W audio amplifier circuit design based on wide bandwidth, low distortion power IC SSM2211 from Analog Devices. This circuit is simple, inexpensive and […]

This is the circuit diagram of 24 Watt class A linear audio amplifier, built and tested by Marc Klynhans from South Africa. The supply voltage […]

Here the 35W power audio amplifier circuit based on LM391. Inductor L1 is constituted by 20 coils of wire, with thickness 0.9mm, round resistor R16. […]

This 2x10W audio amplifier circuit power output will be 10 watt on each channel with 4 ohm speaker resistance. The supply voltage required for this […]

Here is the circuit diagram of simple multitone alarm. This is a low cost circuit which is simple and easy to build. The main components […]

This is an audio bandpass filter circuit which will filtering the audio frequency from 300Hz to 2500Hz.. The lower and higher audio frequency will be […]

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