Solar Powered Mobile Phone Battery Charger

solar powered mobile phone charger circuit
This is the schematic diagram of solar powered mobile phone battery charger. The circuit is designed to charge the battery from a source with a lower voltage. Do not use it to charge the battery with the same or lower voltage than the voltage which is generated by the solar panel. For proper operation of the circuit necessarily requires the battery. Various models of mobile phones have different requirements to the charge, and this circuit might not work well with all phone types.

Parts list:
R1 : 1.5 K?
R2 : 3.9 K?
R3 : 10 K?
R4 : 180 ?
R5 : 4.7 K?
R6 : Thermistor 10? PTC
PC1 : 3V solar battery from the battery lamp Landscape
C1 : 22uF/16V
C2 : 100pF
C3 : 10uF/16V
L1 : 50-300 uH choke
D1 : 1N5818 Schottky diode
Q1 : 2N4403 , or equivalent
Q2 : 2N4401 , or equivalent
B1 : Ni-Cad battery, 6V with fuse

Solar powered mobile phone battery charger circuit source:

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Iam looking for mobile charger circuit from 6V/3W Solar panel, is your circuit suit for my requirement

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