Inverter 12V DC to 240V DC

Inverter 12V DC to 240V DC circuit diagram

This inverter 12V DC to 240V DC can be used to power electric razors, stroboscopes and flash tubes, and small fluorescent lamps from a 12 volt car battery. In contrast to the usual feedback oscillator type of inverter, the oscillator of this inverter is separate from the output stage, which allows easy adjustment of the oscillator frequency to suit different applications.

The oscillator circuit consists of a 555 timer connected as an astable multivibrator. The inclusion of D1 ensures that the duty-cycle of the squarewave output is maintained at about 50%. The output of the 555 drives the base of T1 which switches current through one half of the primary of the transformer. T2 is driven from the collector of Tl and thus switches current through the other half of the transformer winding on opposite half cycles of the drive waveform. Zener diodes D4 and D5 protect Tl and T2 from any high-voltage spikes generated by the transformer.

The voltage applied to the transformer primary is stepped up and the required high output voltage appears across the secondary winding. Depending on the application the secondary voltage may or may not be rectified.

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