This MOSFET Linear Amplifier has capability to deliver up to 300W for 50MHz. The circuit built based the couple of MOSFET ARF448A and ARF448B. Circuit […]

The following diagram is the FM transmitter circuit with FM transmision up to 4W. Voltage supply for this circuit is 12-16V with current consumption of […]

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of 4 transistors FM transmitter circuit designed by Paul K. Sherby. Components List: R1,R2,R8 = 1K R3 = […]

This is a mini FM transmitter built and powered using 2 transistors, designed by Tony van Roon. This small transmitter is simple to build and […]

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of voice transmitter which use FM signal carrier to transmit the vioce signal to the FM receiver device. […]

The following diagram is the FM tracking transmitter based on 4 transistors. No additional notes for this tracking transmitter diagram, try to discover this circuit […]

This is an easy FM tracking transmitter circuit project :). The scheme designed by Tony van Roon, and here the FM transmitter tracker diagram: Components […]

Simple and easy build of sensitive FM transmitter circuit. The circuit only requires 2 transistors to work. *L1 = 0.1 Uh, 6 to 8 turns […]

This is Micro-Spy circuit which designed using FET components.. Circuit Notes:

This is probably become the simplest radio frequency RF transmitter that you will find anywhere. It has a total of five parts and can be […]