This is a simple active speaker protector circuit which has a very important use, expecially to protect the loudspeakers of a audio system. It prevent […]

This is 2 way speaker box design for audio system. I’ve used this design for my home audio system, the sound quality is good. Two […]

This is the speaker protection circuit, provides stereo speaker protection and prevents switch-on clicks and DC components on the output of the amplifier connected.

The following schematic diagram is a small surround sound decoder circuit. You may use this decoder surround sound systems for your home audio system to […]

This is the scheme diagram of passive surround circuit. Passive surround doesn’t need any active components and power supply to make the circuit works. The […]

Building a crossover for your speaker system is easy. Here the simple passive schematic diagram of audio crossover: Loudspeaker System Crossover Network Notes: Capacitor must […]