Parts List: R1-2-4-5=270? R3 = 2.7? VR1 = 10K? Log. Pot. TR1 = 470K? Trimmer IC1-2 = LM388 C1 = 100uF/25V C2 = 100nF C3 […]

This is the stereo headphone amplifier circuit diagram, built based LM4809. This circuit can be used for stereo headphone amplifier circuit for home audio system, […]

This is the circuit diagram of stereo tube amplifier using 6SQ7-GT and 6V6-GT. The tube amplifier circuit is uses the total of 5 power vacuum […]

This is the diagram of 4W stereo power amplifier built based stereo power IC LM2877 with a few of external components. The circuit required single […]

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of Class-D audio power amplifier which built based on power chip TDA8929T. About TDA8929T: The power IC TDA8929T […]

This MOSFET Linear Amplifier has capability to deliver up to 300W for 50MHz. The circuit built based the couple of MOSFET ARF448A and ARF448B. Circuit […]

Build based operational amplifier NE5532 and a couple of power transistor TIP41A / TIP42A, this audio amplifier circuit has capability to deliver up to 10W […]

The following diagram is 16W audio amplifier circuit. The circuit built based 2 pieces of power IC? LM383 in bridge connection, so this amplifier is […]

The following diagram is the circuit diagram of telephone amplifier, build based small amplifier IC LM386. This is a easy build telephone amplifier There is […]