The following circuit is an distortion booster effect for your electric guitar. I don’t know whether this circuit is really works or not, you may […]

The following scheme diagram is the circuit diagram of VOX treble booster effect. A treble booster is an effects unit used by guitarists to boost […]

The following circuit is tube distortion pedal for guitar effect. The circuit designed by Ron Black. Circuit Notes: IC1 : 747 dual op-amp, other ICs […]

The following diagram is the Theremin music instrument effect. A guitar or instrument amplifier is an ideal companion unit for the theremin; either one allows […]

This is the circuit diagram of BOSS Slow Gear SG-1 effect for electric guitar. The Slow Gear SG-1 effect sounded like a guitar player riding […]

The following diagram is the schematic diagram of electric guitar effect: Electro-Harmonix (EH) Big Muff Pi. The EH Big Muff Pi effect circuit would probably […]

Here the schematic diagram of Axe Grinder Electric Guitar Effect pedal. You may download the PDF version at the end of the post. The Axe […]

This is the one of many guitar effect circuits exist in the world. I have not made this circuit and I also do not know […]