1500W Power Amplifier

1500W power amplifier circuit diagram

This is a very high 1500W power amplifier circuit diagram by Rod Elliott. The circuit is built using 10 pairs of power transistor MJ15024 and MJ15025 (or MJ21193/MJ21194), then it will use 20 pieces of power transistor for final amplification.

With very high power audio output, then of course it will need power supply with high power output. This amplifier require dual output power supply 130V.

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17 thoughts on “1500W Power Amplifier

  1. I need to know parts number of a diode leveled d1 to d8 ,pls send me a copy of complete parts list ..t.y

  2. please provide parts list,pcb layout and power supply

    can i have the parts list,pcb lay-out and the power supply


  3. Shake circuit incomplete information, for example shaking diode circuit incomplete information Mthelaaddhm 9 Lish their numbers and also
    The volume to the sound does not exist. Thank you

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